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Confirmed Orders and Orders in the Pipeline

Confirmed Orders

We are proud to showcase our confirmed orders and projects in the pipeline that highlight the global reach and impact of our 3D construction printing technology. With a commitment to providing affordable, sustainable and efficient housing solutions, we have secured significant orders from various countries and regions.

10,000 Houses in the Republic of Burkina Faso:

We have received a confirmed order to build 10,000 houses in the Republic of Burkina Faso. This project aims to address the pressing need for quality housing and improve living conditions for the local population.

3,080 Bed Capacity Accommodation and Ancillary Facilities in Ghana:

In Ghana, we have secured an order to construct accommodation with a bed capacity of 3,080, along with ancillary facilities for a technical university. This project will cater to the growing educational infrastructure requirements in the country.

3,000 Bed Hotel Complex in the Republic of Benin:

We are excited to undertake the construction of a 3,000 bed hotel complex in the Republic of Benin. This project will enhance tourism infrastructure and support economic development in the region.

Confirmed Orders for CamHirst 3DCP Robots:

In addition to our construction projects, we have received confirmed orders for our advanced 3DCP robots. These orders come from various countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Argentina and the USA. Our robots enable precise and efficient 3D printing, revolutionizing the construction process and ensuring high-quality results.

600,000 Affordable Housing Units in the Republic of Ghana:

Our commitment to providing affordable housing continues with a confirmed order to construct 600,000 housing units in the Republic of Ghana. This initiative will contribute significantly to alleviating the housing crisis and improving accessibility to quality homes.

Confirmed Robot Orders From

The Czech Republic

Orders in the Pipeline:

We are actively working on several projects that are currently in the pipeline reflecting our commitment to expanding our reach and making a positive impact worldwide. Some of these projects include:

Senegal - 10,000 Houses:

In Senegal, we are in the process of securing an order to build 10,000 houses. This project will provide safe and affordable housing options, improving the quality of life for the local population.

West Africa - 30,000 Houses:

Our pipeline includes a project to construct 30,000 houses in West Africa. This endeavor will cater to the housing requirements of the region and promote sustainable urban development.

Central African Republic - 40,000 Houses:

We have a project in the pipeline to construct 40,000 houses in the Central African Republic. This initiative aims to address housing needs and contribute to sustainable development in the region.

Additionally, we are proud to share that we have plans to build 3.2 million school rooms, ensuring that education infrastructure is accessible and adequate for students worldwide.

These confirmed orders and projects in the pipeline highlight our commitment to revolutionizing the construction industry and addressing global challenges through the application of 3D construction printing technology.

If you would like to discuss your projects and development with our team, we are happy to help you build with our 3D printing robots.