Camhirst 3DCP Printing Robots

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Top Skills Required to Excel as a BDM for Camhirst Robots

The construction revolution started with an innovative technology that could transform building entirely. 3D concrete printing allows structures to be built in new ways, quicker and cheaper while reducing environmental impact. Leading the charge is Camhirst Robots, pioneering 3D printing robots that are changing how the industry operates. But what does it take to excel […]

Why 3D Printed Homes Are the Future

Smart Investment Alert: Why 3D Printed Homes Are the Future Imagine a house getting printed out just like your school project… but so, so much bigger. It’s all about 3D printed homes. The real estate and construction game is forever changed with this revolutionary development. And guess where these futuristic homes are coming from — […]

Reasons Why You Should Be a BDM in the  CamHirst 3DCP Robotics Industry

CamHirst 3DCP Robotics Industry The robotics industry is changing the way we work, live and play and growing like crazy. Robots are solving problems and revolutionizing how we do everything from manufacturing to healthcare. But who gets the robots to the market?  A Business Development Manager (BDM) of course! Especially in the cutting-edge field of […]

The Benefits of Being a Camhirst Brand Ambassador

Have you ever thought about how cool it is when buildings go up faster and don’t hurt the earth much? That’s what Camhirst Robots and Camhirst 3DCP Robots are all about. They use special robots to print buildings in 3D, which is quicker, cheaper, and better for our planet. But how do they let everyone know about […]

How to Join the Camhirst Brand Ambassador Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever been passionate about sharing your favorite brands with others, becoming a brand ambassador could be an exciting opportunity for you. You might be asking, “How do I join the Camhirst Brand Ambassador Program?” Camhirst is at the forefront of transforming the construction industry with innovative technology, and they’re seeking individuals who are […]